Adam's Letter

Dear Mark,

Look around! Many years have passed since we first came here, to this run-down car park on the edge of the hills. Do you remember how it was back then? The discarded mattresses and shopping trolleys, the stains of petrol on the concrete, the hedges full of plastic, the overgrown pathway which led into the countryside – which no one wanted to take.

“Someone should do something about this,” you said. Yeah, I agreed, of course. “But no one really cares,” I said. It’s a dump, always has been. But you meant it. You wrote to the local council, wrote to the library, wrote to the MP, and got funding for a little workshop which had one purpose - to turn this car park into a place that worked with nature, instead of against it.

Volunteers came and made fences and signs, they laid pathways and removed the rubbish, they opened a little cafe. All it took was one person who saw a problem and set their mind to solving it. Imagine what else we could do.


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