Letters to Tomorrow

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To my Children

Fundamentally there is, and always will be, hope. Thank you for never giving up hope. It is this belief that - all will come right in the end - that steadies our resolve. If it is not right, then it can't be the end. Thank you for passing on hope to others too because it is like a virus, it spreads.

But as we know hope is not a strategy. In 2022 I wrote about #ABetterFuture which outlined 12 strategic actions that the UK Government could implement to bring about positive changes to our World. (https://medium.com/illumination/a-manifesto-for-a-better-future-cf870cda8967). These included wealth redistribution, a minimum income guarantee, fuel-free active travel, better recycling and waste reduction as well as changes to house building, ownership and working lives.

The groundswell in people supporting faster and better change from our leaders has since led to positive change, perhaps unexpectedly for some. As you read this letter in 2030 you will be well into your adult lives. The changes we have collectively brought about I hope give you the strength and excitement to accelerate even further. The improvements you have seen in the last decade to our protected natural spaces can be further bolstered if you maintain momentum. Continue the climate fight.

Your actions do and will make a difference.