Pamela Burdett's Letter

To my grandchildren - Rosie, Conor, Harry and Senan,

First of all, I have to say that I love you all very much and I need to apologise to you for not doing more to help towards climate change. My generation and those before me have benefitted greatly from progress but some of that progress has, unfortunately, led to the destruction of the world you are perhaps living in. Our use of fossil fuels when we could have taken a much more green approach to providing our energy; our tardiness in moving away from polluting vehicles; our lack of commitment to save our oceans from pollution; our lack of determination to protect our forests from companies only interested in their shareholders; our failure to recognise the damage we did to nature and the animals and other inhabitants of this wonderful planet,Earth. I could go on with my list but all I have is regrets that I did not push our political leaders hard enough to bring about change before it was too late. I am SO sorry.
I would like to think that things might change and maybe - just maybe- our leaders will act NOW in all these things.

Your loving Grandma

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