Pat Folkerd's Letter

To my future descendents,

I am so sorry for all the time, energy & money I wasted buying the latest 'can't live without item '& quick & easy solution to a resolving a problem, as well as believing all the advertising lies & false information about the 'harmless ingredients' new gadgets contained. I am so sorry for leaving such a mess from the need to constantly have a bigger, better, more upto date series of electronic items that used up rate earths & created so many single use items from plastic materials. I should have thought moe about your future of living in a devastated world with all types of pollution, water & food shortages & such unequal lifestyles between the wealthy west & desperately poor eastern countries of the world. I so wish that we had all listened more to the warning of scientists about climate changes & the dire consequences for plants, animals & human when raised 20-30 years ago & acted far sooner than the world did by being so selfish in not wanting to live a simpler lifestyle. We should have been far more aware of the simple lives of indigenous communities & treated them as knowledgeable people about the balance needed to save precious & highly valuable resources. I wish I had not succombed to this comfortable style of living, as it is hard to give up when so many people will never have the opportunity to attain such a throw away & luxurious lifestyle for themselves. I so hope it is not too late to do more & quickly for the environment to recover & for you to live your lives in health , harmony with nature as well as the wisdom to do things so differently & wisely & take benefit from hindsight

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