Suhaani Sharma's Letter

To my brother, Shivan,

Dear Shivan
Recently, the way humans show their appreciation for the world we live in has dramatically worsened – from climate change that we have caused affecting more lives now than ever before, to plastic pollution in the ocean meaning that each year over 1 million seabirds, 300000 porpoises and dolphins, and 100000 other marine mammals are killed.

Last year, all of the world leaders gathered at COP-26, a meeting to discuss how these people could use their power to help the environment. It has been almost a year since that meeting, which many people put a lot of hope and trust into, yet so far global emissions continue to increase, the growing percentages inching ever closer to irreversible damage. In fact, fracking is thought of being reintroduced in the UK. Not only would this mean the government is going back on their word, but it would mean more harm is caused than good. An increase in pollutants, a danger to health, and it will not even help with the on-going energy crisis. Kwasi Kwarteng himself admitted that this action would “certainly have no effect on prices in the near term”.

This is just one example of an environmentally damaging practice performed by people all over the world, and there are certainly many more. If we cannot rely on our leaders to pursue a sustainable, environmentally friendly future, then who can we rely on? There is only so much one citizen can do, and hopefully after writing this letter, this one citizen's message is heard by our PM and the government, because if we do not act soon, we will not be able to act at all. I hope that when you are older Shivan, you will be able to say you live in a world that is not led by humans who put politics, money and business above life. I hope you will be able to say that you live in a world led by people who realise they can use their power not only to help themselves, but to help the whole world.

Of course, there are many other on-going issues right now – especially with the UK economy crashing and the cost-of-living prices growing massively. However, economies are temporary, and this planet is not. Although I am not a politician myself, I am a person; I cannot ignore the suffering of so many for so long. It is time for a change, for the better.
This is my Letter to Tomorrow, and I hope tomorrow will be a better place thanks to the people who decided to make a difference today.

Kind Regards
Suhaani Sharma

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