Susan's Letter

To a future citizen,

I hope your air is fit to breathe the rivers and sea full of life and the land supports you with food along with the predators and prey who share this world. I have enjoyed such richness of life and biodiversity is so thrilling to discover. I remember as a child naughty little boys would put muddy earthworms down your back, I made daisy chains, inhabited camps imagined from a break in the hedge. I heard my first nightingale in Surrey late at night and was thrilled by this. A close encounter with an African elephant in a safari jeep was one of the best moments of my life. Nature humbles us because we feel insignificant yet part of a larger whole. I hope you enjoy the sights smells and sounds of a healthy planet. I have tried to respect it and persuade our leaders to adhere to policies to save us from destruction. If greed exploitation and violence rule the day your ancestors will have failed you.

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