Mr Paul Stanley Hobbs's Letter

To my daughters Janice and Rebecca and my son Jack,

When I was growing up, I saw the wonders of our planet on television. Eventually with friends and family I was able to travel to other countries and see some of the wonders I had seen earlier as a child.
The people, scenery and wildlife I have seen has been wonderful. All the voluntary work I have done has been to ensure that not only you have had the chance to see these things but also that my grandchildren would also have the opportunity if they wished to see these things too.
It did look like we had begun to turn the corner in recognising what had to be done to protect these wonderful, magic things but unfortunately short-term thinking and greed appears to be making this harder.
We have a wonderful planet and peoples, and we must ensure a better future for it and the people that live on it.
I am handing over the guardianship of this world to you. Plese take care of it.

Lots of love


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