Amy McCutcheon's Letter

To my dog, Kiaora,

Many people might think it crazy that I'm writing to you, my dog, but you are one of my most loved ones out there and I know there are a good amount of people who know how I feel. You may only have a 10 more years of lifespan ahead of you, but it's daunting to think how much change can come to the world in that time, good or bad. There is something amazing in how much excitement you can get from a walk, just stepping outside into nature is the best thing for you. You would think you were born for the beach, the way a light switches on in your head the minute your feet touches sand and you instantly start zooming about.
I hope humans aren't the cause of ruining the nature you love so much. You give us unwavering love and loyalty, yet we are the ones who are bringing destruction to your home. I wish I had the power to change it.
I love how when we watch nature programs you can't take your eyes away from the polar bears, you do look like a distant relative with your white fluffy coat. You watch them so intently and they remind me of you, so when Sir David Attenborough tells me how we have nearly already destroyed their home and that in 10 years, your life span, another 13% of the ice caps will have melted, I think of you out there struggling to live.
I hope those in power start listening to the scientists and the people in the next 10 years and make the big changes to save the world. I hope people start demanding more action, so their voices can no longer be unheard. I hope everyone tries to do their part, even in small everyday ways. I hope the polar bears survive. I hope we can keep the home that you love in return for all the ways you love us.

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