Rosemary 's Letter

To our Grand-daughter Ellie,

i want to share how very good life can be - a small perfect flower on a sunny day, a newly fallen conker looking better than a nugget of gold, the hug from a friend recently returned, glimpses of beautiful gold finches flitting through the trees, the joy of a loved one's arm on our shoulders.
I want you to be free to laugh and sing in a world where we share clean air and fresh water - where there are no worries about debt and inequalities, about floods or droughts, about the homeless and the sick, and not knowing how we will care for loved ones when the money runs out.
I want you to know that there are so much more important things than the economy, than status and stuff and the latest gadget; that our friends and family, our health and the joy of learning, or music, or evenings together, of our freedom, are all valueless.
All these I want to save from climate change - that could so easily wreck everything - just because of my generation's blindness, apathy and greed.

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