Paul 's Letter

To my dear granddaughter Bella,

You mean so much to me Bella and this note is to tell you how much I want life to be good for you in the decades to come. I’m writing this in October 2022 while feeling a lot of despair about how the world governments are NOT dealing with the huge climate catastrophe which is ahead of us.

Grandma and I do our best to use less fossil fuels and to care for our environment through all that we do. But it needs big decisions by big companies and governments. They are the ones who really need to act and the reason that they don’t act is because they are greedy for money. It’s as simple as that – that wealth means more to them than health.

I have been doing my own little bit by joining marches and demonstrations in different parts of the country. I have written to our MP many times and met her online once. Unfortunately she is not somebody who seems as concerned about the climate problem as many others do.

So I am praying that God will enable you to be active in some way that is right for you in helping in the future of our wonderful, beautiful planet and to make sure that you have places and spaces to enjoy, to feel a sense of wonder, and to see that God is part of this whole being that you and I share.

I love you dear sweet Bella. And I will love you even more after I have moved ‘from Life to Greater Life’.

Pops x

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