Rosemary 's Letter

To the wildlife in my garden,

I so enjoy all the wildlife in my garden by the woods. The hedgehog that visits nightly has recently completed filling the hibernation box, that we have provided, with fallen leaves. It has now curled up inside to sleep for the winter. We shall look forward to seeing it emerge next spring, but I wonder whether hedgehogs will still be roaming my garden in the future or is MY hedgehog the very last one ?
I monitor all the birds, bumblebees and butterflies in my garden daily and upload all my sightings to conservation charities for them to follow the fortunes of all the species that I see. Will all that work be in vain ? Will my garden still be alive and buzzing with pollinators ? Or will all of you be decimated by unbearable heatwaves, fires and floods ?
My heart is heavy with thoughts of what might be and hopeful for what could be, if only we act sufficiently now.
Time is running out for all of you and for us. Please tell me you still exist!

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