Emily's Letter

To the next generation,

We have ruined our planet. But it isn’t your fault, it’s ours and the generation before us. And the generation before them. But it is too late for us to save it so it is up to you. You need to make a change in our world. All our generation ever did was talk about making a change but in the end only around 10% of us tried. So from where I am today, I will try and make a change and so should you. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Even the smallest of changes can make a difference. We used to have so many cool animals, white rhinos, dodos, woolly mammoth and now they are gone. By the time you are reading this, who knows what will be gone. So please, just try. Try anything you can because you don’t want to live your life knowing that there was something you could do and you just said there, read this letter and ignored it. So as the voice of our generation, please do your best.

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