Javier Rodriguez De Fuentes's Letter

To my son Javier Junior,,

I am writing this letter because I want the world to be cleaner and safer for everyone. As I am writing, the world is currently crumbling to it's end. If we don't do something by the time you are reading this, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans! You might not know this but the Amazon desert was once the Amazon rainforest. In 2023, our government isn't caring enough about our world.
The Pope does care. As Catholics, we must care for our world and Creation, otherwise all God's beauty will be destroyed. We must thank the Pope and leaders of other religions for speaking out and we must battle in the name of climate change.
If you are unfortunate enough to face these same issue, you too must not give up the fight. Simple things like planting a tree or recycling can make a big difference.
I will try my best to make your future the best it can be.

Love Javier Senior

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