Shiva Gauri's Letter

People of goodwill ,

Renewable energy companies and their customers should be rewarded not punished with high prices and extra tax on renewable companies.
People make conscious decisions to choose renewable energy, which since that is what everyone needs for the health of themselves and the planet, should be rewarded. We need to encourage people to get renewable energy and people have less and less money.
Please can you organize a petition or something to reward renewable energy companies and their customers. Not punish as the government is doing now. It is a destructive government.
Solar farms should not be banned that is ludicrous. If anything it should be up to the people to decide. Logic dictates that we make more solar energy.
The government can use inner city wasteland for crops. That is an innovative idea and they might go for that. Communities can work on small patches of inner city farmland.
Please can you push for these things.
Thank you

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