Brian Shepherd's Letter

To my grandchildren Ciara, Connor, Amy and Katieim,

I’m hoping that by the time you read this, (in 2030!), the future of the Earth’s climate will be looking much more positive than it appears to me right now in 2022. You see, it’s all about how much effort the present world leaders are prepared to put into reducing the amount of gases pushed into the atmosphere by human activities: home heating, transport (including flying), and agriculture. Climate activists, who know much more than me, say that we already know the answers to how we can achieve this vital reduction. It won’t be easy, and a lot of things will have to change, but it can be done. There are a lot of powerful industries, especially oil, who would like to slow down progress towards this greener future, and somehow our politicians seem to favour their arguments rather than the the climate scientists, at least in so far as what they are currently doing. For example the current UK government wants to go back to producing gas via fracking, despite having shelved the idea some time ago!
So by the time you open this, my wish is that world leaders everywhere will have listened to and acted on the scientists advice, and that your futures and that of the Earths, is much more certain and positive.

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