Alan M.'s Letter

Dear Grandchildren,

We came close to a world without elephants
With great rain forests denuded of trees,
Found we’d miss the sweet fragrance of flowering plants
If we killed off our good friends the bees;
We imagined a rainbow of just three shades of grey
If life’s colours were sold for false gain,
As we guzzled the gas in our mad dash for cash
And ignored our Mother Earth’s pain.

We awoke to sad fields of storm flattened corn
Fear of no sheaves to rejoice bringing in,
Grew deserts, watched ice melt, had no winter snows,
In our seas found few whales or dolphin;
Saw parched crops in tired rows meant no produce shows
And no food on the table to share,
Gone sweet tucked in dreams painting gathered field scenes
If each day brought a living nightmare.

We saw countless coast slides of crumbling cliffs
Beaches God made for your fun washed away,
In an empty wild world with no fish in the seas
Saw no catch would be landed each day;
Plastic oceans would flow, and only stormy winds blow
Gone the caress of a gentle sea breeze,
Woke to how much we loved you so cleaned up our act
To leave the real thing not dodo memories.

With Love from Grandad.

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