Anne's Letter

To Lucy and Amy,

I know that I have said to you, that I wish that I had been proactive in preventing climate change many decades ago; you both said that I still would have been in a minority of people, who were just deemed as basically mad to think that our planet could be affected in such a way, that there would be a massive rise in temperature that would affect all life on this precious planet.
Unfortunately, a certain sector of people were determined to downplay the scientists, in order to make their millions, by dismissing the evidence that the use fossil fuels were going to be to the detriment of life on earth.
I am sorry that I have brought you into a world, where some of society think that it is OK to ignore scientific facts and just luxuriate in their ill-gotten gains, without a thought that this small planet is so full of beauty, so full of diverse life and so full of people who care but that their voices are being silenced.
I am sincerely hoping that the Powers that be, will STOP, THINK and actually DO something quick to protect the future of this planet for you, the science is there, we just need to invest more. We can all do the small things but we need governments to take a leading roll. I want to see a world where people, plants and animals are thriving in harmony with nature, taking care of each other.
I am lucky that I have lived long enough to see the beauty of this planet, those first pictures from space showed a blue and green marble, we need to keep this marble rolling!
I hope that by 2030 this planet will have recovered enough to support life as we know it.

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