Joanne Walker's Letter

To my daughter, Martha,

I hope that when you read this letter you will never have had to worry or think about the reason I am having to write this.

I want you to be able to see and experience everything I have. I want change to happen in order for this to be the case.
Unfortunately rainforests are burning, oceans are polluted and species are becoming extinct and we need people with power to step up and help stop this.

It scares me to think that you may never see the world in its beauty and that we are ruining it for the purpose of industrial development.

The irony of it is that we as a family are doing little things to try and make a difference, hoping and thinking it’ll work. Such as, buying pre loved clothing and items, not driving as much, not eating much meat etc. But the sad reality of this is that industrial fishing is ruining eco systems, that palm oil in products are burning rainforests and destroying the survival of species!

I hope that change happens before you ever get to read this! Because I love you and want you and future generations to help change and better the world.

Love your mummy, Joanne x

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