Emily Pearce's Letter

To my niece Arwen,,

I’m writing to you from 2023, and hoping your future now feels hopeful, like mine and countless others felt when we were children.

I ardently hope that my generation, and our allies in the generations around us, take action to secure a brighter, and thriving world for you and the life we share it with.

I hope you get to experience the wonder of our beautiful planet, its vivid and awesome nature, and its wild spirit.

I hope that humanity retreats from our greed to share our world with each other and the countless ecosystems and beings upon we need to thrive.

I hope we’ve learned lessons on what wealth really means - to live meaningful, healthy lives, in harmony, peace and equilibrium with our planet.

I hope the wild spaces have returned and that life is thriving. That humanity is no longer managing our world but respecting and living within its boundaries.

I hope the world is just, for all people to be equal, free, healthy and prosperous.

I hope that your generation are wiser to see the magic all around us, the value in that which can’t be measured, the joy in birdsong, the spirit in our forests, the community in our wildlife, the awesome power in the rain, the nourishment in the air we breathe.

I hope you have the courage to be just custodians for this wonderful planet we call home and to defend it as we have tried to.

With love and hope,

Auntie Emily

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