Lars Engelgaar's Letter

My future self,

Letter to my future self

Dear Lars

As I dare not write to my children, because who knows if they can read it in 30 years!?
This is my fear and what I will fight for, securing a place for them to be able to do so.

So I write to myself - I will fight with every fiber of my being so that the world will last and in the future will be healthier than it has been in my lifetime.

On my personal level, it's about minimizing consumption on all fronts, but it's just as much about loving the earth and telling it to everyone around me, especially my family.

Professionally, it is about using my skills to spread messages about how fantastic the earth is and that we must recognize that we are part of the earth and therefore completely dependent on its wellbeing.
We must restore our inner connection to the earth!
I dedicate my entire professional career to engaging people to reconnect with Mother Earth and thereby become regenerative users helping finding the right balance between consumption and regeneration of the resources available to us...

In the hope of a future healthy and lush Mother Earth !


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