Mike Hazell's Letter

To my children,

As we sit here in 2023, yours is a special generation stepping into a brave new world that previous generations will in time barely recognise. There’s lots to be excited about and the world will truly be what you make it. However, I’m sorry to say that the starting position you inherit is not one I would have wished for you. I’m afraid that my generation and ones before it have missed many opportunities and been slow to wake up to the damage our activities have been inflicting on our planet and the wildlife we share it with.

The Earth is rapidly warming and the climatic effects of this are already having a devastating effect on our planet’s finely balanced ecosystems, translating into frequent extreme weather events and natural disasters for many populations of the world but also huge loss of habitat for our wildlife. Many of the animals we have lovingly talked about as you have grown up are now at real risk of disappearing altogether within your lifetime.

However, it’s not too late and if ever there was a generation to give us hope, it is the one that is now emerging blinking into the light full of hope and ambition – that’s you by the way! And the good news is, that while it’s taken too long, the world is finally understanding the urgency and accepting the challenge of stopping and reversing this damage. We cannot be complacent and there remain many that will seek to continue ignoring these issues, but there are also great leaders now stepping up and showing the way.

So don’t lose heart, the fight is not lost, and I give you my commitment that I’ll fight alongside you to ensure yours is the generation that betters mine and those before it, in taking the actions that will literally save our planet.

All my love


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