Pete Barclay's Letter

My Grandson,

The future for generations to come could not look bleaker if privileged idiots continue to rule this country and the world.
Wild animals shot with no protections. Seas, rivers and farmland full of excrement and industrial poisons, killing vast tracks of previously habitable countryside and causing untold harm to billions of insects, birds and mammals including human beings.
The Amazon Rainforest, gone!!
A military that is funded exponentially more than a health service.
No help with law so that only the rich can access legal protections, meanwhile it becomes illegal to protest.
Lower wages for the 90% whilst the top 10% and corporations avoid taxation by using hedge funds and legal loopholes.
A regression in human rights put back to the 1920s.
The threat of nuclear war again and hundreds more nuclear reactors instead of wholesale use of renewable energy.
Runaway greenhouse gasses warming the planet excessively and causing Earth System Collapse.

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