Maddie's Letter

To Cousin Harry,

Hi Harry,
you are the youngest member of my family & I am worried about the future you now face.
Despite the warnings we all heard back in 1976 little has been done. Every new government that was elected since then hinted at helping the environment but nothing substantial came of it. They were & are only ever concerned with the short-term & getting reelected & the `Greenies` as we were called, were considered extreme. Now it is almost too late for change to have an effect & I am losing hope that the UK Government will ever realise how important the natural environment is to us all. Pollution & using up our infinite resources is still allowed to continue at an alarming rate, even Fracking is being reconsidered in 2022!
So Harry love, I pray that a miracle has occurred by the time you read this, I know I could be long gone, but I sincerely wish that your future is brighter than I can foresee for you.
I wish you peace, health & happiness in a Future that values the World for its Beauty not just
its Bounty.
Love always,

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