Danielle's Letter

To you,

Hello unborn child, I’m sorry I never had you but I could never have you under a clear conscience that I was bringing you into the world we live in.

Money talks and businesses and politicians all line their pockets with it instead of trying to make any real difference.

This is a world of billionaire show offs that don’t seem to register their money will not go with them when they die nor will it help there families unless they use it to save this planet.

Coronavirus was something where everyone stood up and listened to the science however global warming is not the same.

I wish we lived in a world where people would wake up and realise what’s happening. Why do people act like it doesn’t exist and can’t see the changes that are happening already.

I am part of the problem as well I hold my hands up, my footprint is not good. But I’m trying to get better I sign petitions where I can. I recycle. I clean other peoples rubbish when I see it.

But I still drive a petrol car to and from work, go on holiday. Don’t check foods that I’m eating are sourced fairly and local produce. No palm oil is present. I don’t give money to charity only pennies when they’re in my purse and there is a charity tin. Or when I order a domino’s I’ll give a bit of money to the charity on the payment page. So I need to do better and so does everyone.

I hope little one that you will someday come into this world and I can show you how much the world has changed for the good.

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