Joan's Letter

To my neices & nephews Olive, Jovie, Albie & Lenny,

Dear little ones,

You are all under 6 years old and here I am at 68. I have been worried about the state of our planet for some time so have done things like grow food on an allotment and now in our kitchen garden, cycled when I can and am now use buses a lot to get around. I really hope that all these little things help towards keeping this beautiful planet earth healthy and liveable in so that by the time you all reach my age there will still be birds, butterflies, bees and heaps of insects for you to admire with good food to eat.

I hope even more that by 2030 as you reach your teenage years you will all be enjoying life and focusing on your futures without needing to march and demonstrate to make our politicians act responsibly because they actually take the actions our planet is crying out for in the here and now of November 2022.

Great Aunt Joan

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