Jennifer Claire Ray's Letter

To L, V & E-L our precious kinders ,

In our youth we ran across the fields,
Our journey in life still to be revealed.
We travelled further to explore,
Through city streets and seas and shores.
We tried to help the world progress
We made mistakes, but learnt (I guess)
Now it's your time to shape the future,
Don't just rely on a computer!

Buried coal as black as night,
Was burned as fuel for heat and light.
Oil from deep beneath the ground,
Fuelled planes that reached the speed of sound.
Technology took us to the moon,
Perhaps we got there too soon.
The benefits seemed really great,
But the price? Did we appreciate?

Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle, you know it's right,
Don't send all rubbish to the landfill site.
It would be quite fantastic,
If we could use less plastic.
The solar panel glinting blue,
Brings charging power direct to you.
The swish of the wind turbine blade,
Sustainable energy being made!

The land from which you grow your crops,
Needs nurturing, don't ever stop.
From ocean, river, stream and lake,
Give back as much as you take.
Now travel far, but not in haste,
And never leave behind your waste.
But please remember nature's worth,
This is our one and only Earth.

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