Alexandra Gross's Letter

To future generations,

I am writing to you on this year 2022.
Heat waves, climate change, drought, but as well floods and heavy storms, decline of all biodiversity (animals and plants), deforestation, overfishing, pollution of all kinds on earth, in the air, in all waters (rivers, lakes, oceans …), and more … have become part of our daily life.
Yes, mankind has succeeded in destroying this beautiful planet, nature and wilflife, and it's getting worse every day. They had been working on this for centuries, so the results are quite spectacular !
Industrial lobbies of all sorts can be proud of them !
Alongside with wars all over the place, hatred, violence everywhere and exploitation and mistreatment of animals, no matter if wild, domesticated, cattle or pets.

But don't believe that all humans on earth were as bad !
There have always been people all over the planet who loved the animals and plants around them and treated them right, they were also kind to other people. Many of them raised their voice and tried to defend nature and opposed themselves to pollution and destruction !
Others have been fighting for human rights, equality, justice and peace.
But not being themselves in positions of wealth and power, they had only little success and those who were rich and powerful didn't want to listen to them.

Many people were obsessed with money …
The more they could get the better, no matter the consequences for others and no matter how much destruction they would cause because they were only interested in the « now » and their own benefits and did not care what planet they would leave behind for future generations.
Anyways, they were already searching for solutions on how to live on other planets, far away and quit this dying planet earth, instead of putting all their efforts in saving what they'd got ...

Here's what I wish for you :

Mankind has finally understood how to protect natural environments and why this is so important. Huge efforts have been made to slow down and stop the global warming. No fossile energy is used nowhere on this planet but renewable ressources like the sun, wind and tides are exploited.
People also reduced the energy they use, they have learned how to live simply by reading books, playing real games with each other, tell stories and sing together. No more stuff we had in the past like tv, tictoc or video games which disconnected individuals more than they brought them together.
People have stopped consuming meat, yes, imagine, they ate dead animal's corpses, animals that they bred in misery and than violently killed.
Instead now they grow their own healthy vegeteables and fruit, that are no longer imported all over the world but they eat what naturally grows in their own garden !
Nowhere any pesticides are used anymore, so the soil is healthy and bees, butterflies and birds thrive !
The air has become healthy to breathe again and slowly but surely the oceans refill with fish as all over the world people agreed to consume fish only once in a while or even never.
A proceeding had been found to clean the waters from all traces of pollution and even remove the countless plastic nanoparticles that entered the food chain.
Wild animals thrive again, no more hunters, no more killing, no more animals exploited for the fun of cruel humans.
Killing an animal or cutting an old tree now are considered heavy crimes and punished as those.
People also learned how to control their birthrate, as they had severly expanded over the centuries and caused much damage to an environment that could not sustain as many individuals by lack of ressources such provoking poverty, famine, wars, illnesses and violence. The goal is to maintain the human population to a maximum of 3 billions on earth so that there is enough ressources and space for everyone, including animals, forests and huge natural reserves that are totally uninhabited.
Money has totally disappeared. People now produce themselves what they need so they don't have to buy it anymore and when they need something be done that they cannot do themselves they will offer another service or object in exchange. They are independent and free !
People now are happy and healthy, well fed and they live in peace and harmony !
And so do all other living creatures that share planet earth with them.

That's what I wish the world to become, a better place, a wonderful place, maybe a paradise !

Alexandra :-)

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