Mahlia Luna Sherwood's Letter

The future generation,

Its difficult to start a letter like this, I'm just going to say what I'm thinking. The world is in trouble, today i was walking to school and i saw so much litter. I'm worried about what will happen if we don't make a change, planet earth needs us.

I try my hardest to walk to school everyday, but looking at the paths and seeing all the litter is ruining my walk and other peoples. Sometimes i sit and wonder how our world even got in this state. Litter piling the streets, everywhere you look you see rubbish. around 52 billion pieces of litter cluttering up the landscape. Around 52 billion pieces of litter cluttering up the landscape.

If we don't change now, who will? if you see this please, I beg you to at least pick up your rubbish and put it in a bin. you could make a big difference to our world now.

Mahlia Sherwood
Age 11

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