Sue 's Letter

To my grand-daughters Eva and Hanna,

As I write this letter to you I am filled with dismay at the state of our world, the lack of leadership and political will, and the governing with self interest that delays the action required to rectify the damage that has been inflicted on our natural environment.

Much of that damage is down to us. If we do not act soon and with big, bold far-seeing measures our world is likely to be unfit for us to live in.

And it will serve us right.

But every day that I read of a species brought back from the brink, of a species re-introduced to a habitat from which it has been driven out, or of a scientific breakthough that can delay some of the worst events I am reminded that it is rarely a government that makes a difference.

It's each individual, acting with another individual and another... putting the agenda front and centre so that it cannot be ignored, so that it is mainstream. THEN a government will sweep in and claim it as their own.

So I do have hope because so many people are working to put things right, we just don't get to hear enough about them. And I want you- by now you will be teenagers and looking to take your own direction in the world- to believe the quotation by Margaret Mead which runs: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

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