Karl Mullee's Letter

My 3 Daughters: Niamh, Imogen and Hannah,

My generation, and generations before me, have been committing unspeakable crimes against our home for all the time Humanity has become industrialised: We need to change, it starts with me, but must be continued by you.
The cravings of ever increasing GDP by the time you come to working will hopefully be no more; technology, instead of its usage as a means to ever improve productivity, to the cost of the planet; will instead be used to educate and reign in the damaging effects of ever increasing globalisation and consumerism.
I want you all to live in a World where human conflicts based on Race, Borders, Wealth distribution, Religion are gone; Replaced with a sense that with us all working together, we can reverse the demise we are seeing in society through war, pestilence, floods, poverty that are consequences of our flawed economic policies.
I want you all to grow up and see the incredible wildlife that this planet supports; all to often forgotten and ignored as we all turn out attentions to our latest looks and trends in Insta and FB.
I WANT Oil, Gas and Fossil fuels to be gone, replaced by clean energy, sustainable, if not free energy; so these companies can still make their profits but in a much better way.
So how do we get to this utopian vision? Well we adapt, and now, not 2050, not 2030, it has to be NOW: 2022.
Make carbon capture an imperative for the present: Demand govts and companies use their obscene profits they currently make off us all to go into Carbon Capture technology.
As we head towards 2030 an the Carbon Neutral smokescreen, we should instead be capturing Carbon rather than just offsetting whilst looking at constant, consistent forms of free energy the planet provides and we can tap into, such as Tidal or even looking into the possibilities of electromagnetic/gravitational and core technology yet to be considered and thought up?
Forests, (especially ancient), and Tropical Rainforests should receive irreversible protections, likewise moorlands and Coral Reefs; in order they continue to act as natural wildlife reserves and huge carbon sinks!
Humanity has become wasteful. We don't reuse, upcycle like ancestors once did: Schools should be promoting abilities to build and design/redesign old products to make them as new. Not when young adults go into Colleges but from secondary. Provide the skills to visualise being fashion redesigners of clothing and engineers of future products made from the old and ruinous antiquities.
Homes should be better insulated, both for Winter and ever warm Summers and new houses should consider Heat retention rather than the go air con when Summers here that drain the grid and cost energy.
More sustainable housing should totally have nature in mind Green roofing where possible, places in eaves for Over Summer migrating birds and spaces on lofts for bats, Gardens should have wild spots, log piles, openings into them for Hedghogs and a patch to grow produce.
Farming should do away with Neonicotinoid pesticides; so clinically destructive of our native Bees and pollinators.
Farming should also seek to step away from biomass and expansion of monoculture and once again embrace the cycles of yesteryear to encourage natural pesticides to come and so on turn encourage our fauna. Of course there will be some loss of yield, but that should be compensated through funding by going green.
Our Countryside should be reclaimed: No longer should Estates hold picturesque countryside as their bounty; allowing public footpaths on the premise a blind eye turned to the fact these picturesque images, are desolate places where all life is extinguished for Pheasant and Grouse shoots.
Snares, Mole Harpoons, Badger/Fox cages, Hunts both by trail or terrier men in this country or canned and safari hunts are no more.
That people aiming to stop this kind of disgusting waste of majestic wildlife death, are no longer considered criminalised, not even seen as terrorists, when effectively they put themselves in harm's way for the greater good.
That final example is proof of where everything we do currently, is backwards. We've lost our connection with our planet and our position on it.
Man does not own Planet earth, we share it and my hope is that one day all of our problems; we have them all reversed:
I want you to live in that world of peace and harmony. No more poverty, fear of climatic breakdown whilst in the meantime: Moneymen only want to drive us to making them ever more wealth to the detriment of our Planet: The only one that sustains known life!
I know not all of these problems will ever be resolved in totality, but if we step back think about the future RIGHT NOW. There is hope that you pass on a far better legacy that me and my generation have.
As a parent; that is our only goal: To enable our Children to be better than us. I hope one day you all read this and that means change happened and I was part of the process of wanting to act Now.
I do what I do for You!
Dad. X

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