Maya Parry's Letter

To my future self,

I don’t know if your going to read this.But if you are then that’s even better
Are Freddos still 25p? How many new dairy milk flavours are there?
What is Pringles new logo?
Does prime hydration still exist? Are my parents dead?
Can pigs fly yet? Do flying cars exist? Is Poundland still there?
Anyways, enough with the bombarded questions
If the world is in crisis in 2030 then I think it’s time you do something about it!

But now, the world is a crisis, Climate change and global warming is killing the polar bears and their homes, deforestation and forest fires is killing trees and jungle animals, animal testing and cosmetic testing is killing over 100 billion innocent animals a year and Worldwide hunger is spreading over the globe! If we (people in the 23rd century) don’t act now then there will be no animal population left on earth by 3040 and in 3.4 billion years ( which is still a long time) the sun will die and the earth will explode. We are doing this to ourselves and we need to stop this madness.

People are protesting lots of things such as ‘animals have rights’, ‘trees have feelings’, ‘if we don’t act who will?’ And other things. These are all fair protests and I believe them and I am acting, but it is no help if it is only me.Act now.

Kind regards,

Your younger self

Maya Parry, 12 yrs old

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