Jane Whild's Letter

To my future self,

Tomorrow will be 1st June 2023. There are 79 months or 57,721 hours until 1st January 2030. If I spend 1% of that time on climate activism, that would only be 577 hours.

I commit to spending at least that amount of time on being a community connector and sharing the ideas of doughnut economics.

For over a year already, I have been taking action with a group that shares a vision for a thriving, safe City for all, which functions within the planet's boundaries

Our Mission is connecting change agents within our City who are enthusiastic about the doughnut economy and want to put it into practice together.

We share our City Council's ambition to achieve a carbon net zero, biodiverse, thriving city by 2030. I want to help meet these goals. I will be engaging with as many people as I can to achieve this.

The clock is ticking. I must use as many of those hours as I can tomorrow, and the next day, and the next ... to achieve the goal. #mkdoughnut

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