Andrew Davis's Letter

To my two sons,

I'm so sorry that we will leave you the planet is such a state of collapse. I understand that you know this and try to live a life in spite of the future you face - and have decided not to have children as their future will be too blighted by my generations inaction.
We could and can do more, but our leaders lack the vision and compassion needed. They have their own self interest, that is so blinker that they cannot see they will suffer the same fate as us all - their children will not escape and are as innocent of creating this catastrophe.
That we have the capability to tackle the climate emergency, but refuse to do so and continue to exploit the resources that are contributing to it - even accelerating that usage. Some of your generation are selfless and courageous enough to stand up to these monsters (for that is what they are). I tried too, but have fallen into a hopeless state as I see just more repression of those who are prepared to stand up for future generations, from the present generation of leaders.
All you can see is everybody continuing as if they have no responsibility themselves to change to mitigate against their contribution – we fly, we eat more meat, we buy recklessly things we don’t need consuming resources and creation more and CO2 emissions. We don’t even protest or write to our leaders. We only look at our own short term self interest – we are so selfish. Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion (which I participated in) and Insulate Britain are labelled selfish – such a travesty – these are the selfless people who have tried to stop this madness.
Maybe they will be listened to, but I think not. So I’m sorry for what we have done to you.

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