Rose's Letter

To my son, W,

Dear W,

You bring such joy to the everyone around you. At 2 years old, you are determined to explore and learn. Your curiosity and joy make my life brighter every day. And yet I fear for the day that you will discover how much the world is changing. I fear for the day that your heart will break when you realise that your future on this planet is uncertain. That there are huge inequalities and that the terrible climate crises will only increase in frequency and ferocity. That there may be terrible shortages in your future. That your children might suffer greatly. That in your lifetime, the animals you already love so early will decrease in numbers and some will go extinct. That humankind might not last that much longer. And I am scared for the day that you will ask me how we allowed this to happen. And I worry you will ask me why I brought you into this world at all, if life here isn't sustainable. Because I won't have any answers. I'm sorry, my darling child. I had hoped we could turn things around, but it apprears that greed and short term thinking are winning. And we are losing.
How I hope that I might be wrong. Please let me be wrong.
Love you forever

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