Pippa's Letter

To the future,

I am so sorry.

More than 30 years ago we started campaigning on climate change - making penguin suits for a climate march of all things. Everyone knew about the science back then. Since our family has tried to live a sustainable life and promote greener living but the way things are going, no one with any influence listens and nothing of any great significance has been done.

The general public knows, if surveys are to be believed, but those in power in 2022 still have selfish, short sighted agendas and refuse to see the existential threat we face as a species and a planet. We have just had tax cuts for the rich, an attempt at more economic growth, relaxation of planning laws for more development on green spaces and scrapping of wildlife protections (the 570 EU protections I understand are under threat now). Sadly my experience is that even in small green charities self interest often comes before the goal of a greener planet and bigger charities and government are just unbelievable in their short term greed and personal money and power agendas.

How bad does it have to get I don't know before there is the system change needed. In 2022 we already have fires, floods, storms, soil loss, sea level rise and worst of all huge species loss that will destabilise our food webs.

It is the loss of biodiversity that worries me most. Science may find a solution to mopping up greenhouse gases but species once lost are lost forever and others will take millions of years to develop.

You in the future will have seen the consequences of our actions and I am sorry, so sorry you have to face what we have left you. Please know some of us tried at least - small consequence I know but something maybe.

I hoped humanity would be stewards for our planet and our children's future. At present we continue to be consumers, devouring the life support system we need.

My hope for you is that sense prevails and changes are made in time to stop the damage and give you a chance of a future.

Here's hoping,
take care,

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