Natalie 's Letter

To my son, Ezra ,

I hope with all my heart that as a society and global community we are finally starting to act as custodians for our beautiful planet and not the greedy exploiters that we have been in the past. I hope that there are protected green spaces to be enjoyed by young and old and wildlife alike. I hope that people are finding the joy in growing their own vegetables and reducing food miles and packaging and that schools are teaching children how to grow. How wonderful to have a horticulture GCSE! I hope that people have learnt the joy and simplicity of consuming less and saving the resources of our precious planet. I hope that our government has realised that it is necessary to place regulations on big business to restrict their impacts on climate change and habitation loss. This will all only be possible through education, change makers leading the way, individuals making lifestyle changes, using their spending power to influence companies and the government holding the corporate world to account for their actions.

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