Denise Scott-McDonald's Letter

To the Future!,

Dear everyone,

I am writing to you from 2023 in the hope that it is not too late to warn you to do all you can to fight to save our planet. Today, we are being warned by the scientists and activists about the dangers of doing nothing. We are also seeing the evidence of manmade climate change having an impact, which is causing the rise in the temperature of the sea. We are already experiencing the very hot summers and the really cold winters. We are seeing droughts and floods that are becoming more frequent. Plus the air pollution is having a dramatic impact upon all of us, especially some of those who live in our poorest areas.

Today many of us are doing all we can to tackle climate change in all that we do whether that is in our home, choosing to recycle and use less energy, or on our jobs and getting our workplaces to go carbon neutral and choose to create a more sustainable work place. Plus we are lobbying our local government and parliamentary representatives to do more to save the planet.

You too must do the same. You must fight to save the planet and make sure we have a future for all the generations that come before us. We want everyone, everyplace and every home to be carbon neutral. We want to see all parts of our planet be much more sustainable.

I hope you read this in time.

Lots of love,


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