Chevonne's Letter

To future me, ,

2030 doesn't seem all that far away right now but a lot can happen in that time.
Firstly I hope this damn recession is over and you've got the money to buy an electric car. I hope electric cars are becoming more common have better range and are really phasing out petrol/diesel cars.
Secondly I hope the heat waves and their impacts have made everyone realise the time to act is now and there is no new investment in fossil fuels and green energy is really amping up (pun intended badoom tshhh)
I hope things like No Mow May and Nature isn't Neat have changed public perceptions and biodiversity and wildflowers are increasing.
I hope you're still a vegetarian and that people are still reducing their meat and dairy intake. Maybe you've tried making your own oat milk?
Finally, I hope realistic alternatives to single use materials are on the rise and waste is reducing.
That should do shouldn't it?

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