Harriet and Rob Fraser's Letter

Projecting forward to 2050,

It could have gone either way.
There was still - and only just -
enough time.

Here you are:
your present, the future we had dared to hope for
when we teetered on the threshold
of damage too great to bear.

In 2022, it was still possible
to pretend there was no urgency:
a dangerous delusion.

The last embers of hope
rested with the brave souls
who had courage enough
to change their ways
and change the minds of others.

Hope was bolstered
by the values of love and empathy
by the simple acts of placing kindness over greed
seeing each other and nature as community.

Small changes eventually joined up
to allow evolution at scale.

Small voices gathered
became a choir that stirred action.

Persistent, insistent persuasions
paid off.

Imagine: butterflies could steer elephants.
Politicians who held profit and popularity
above planet, who were tethered to the folly
of repeating mistakes, lost their grip, made way
for those who showed compassion and care.

2050 is the way it is
thanks to those who were fuelled by courage
who did not give in to apathy.

Imagine, the whisper of a butterfly’s wings
could echo around the world.

This is how transformation happens.

From Harriet Fraser and Rob Fraser, somewhere-nowhere.com

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