Helen 's Letter

To my darling grandchildren,

I just want to say Grampa and I tried very hard to look after our planet . We cycled all our short journeys. We didn't fly anywhere. We cut down on meat and ate as much organic food as we could. We avoided palm oil and produce with air miles.
We put extra jumpers on to keep warm. We zoned the house so we only heated where we needed and we put solar panels on the roof. We took short showers and were conscious of energy use when cooking and lighting.
We used to go litter picking round our home area and cleaned beaches on holiday. We sent money to charities that helped the planet.
The main reason for all this was because the planet isn't ours to trash,it belongs to all creatures and it also belongs to children of the future who depend on it for their survival.
I really hope that the leaders do the right thing for the sake of the planet before it's too late and then it will leave a beautiful planet for all the amazing wildlife and for you too. I love you and I love the world and it's creatures. Love from Granny.xxxx

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