lily kendrick's Letter

a friend,

Hi Sal, i hope im doing okay and that ive made you proud. I know i never said it before while i was with you but i really do love you and care for you a lot. More then i ever told you. It hurts my heart to know that you will be reading this with wrinkles and grey hair at your side but also warms me to know your still thinking of me.
I also hope that your listening to me and keeping your house as green as possible and helping by "doing your bit" as we know no ones future if promised and everyone deserves a chance at a good life. However, most of all i hope your reading this and doing a good job with the power you have at using your political authority to educate others. It is important that you spread your knowledge of the risks the environment face in the upcoming future to prevent irreversible changes to are beautiful environment.
Can you use your amazing persuasive skills to encourage others to take greater action to save are environment. Listen now i love you very much keep making me proud and live out your life the way you deserve.
L x

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