Sophie's Letter

Hello me,

when you live in a massive apartment with all your fancy cars think about the planet and be eco friendly because the planet is going to burn. Get electric versions of all the cars you want and if they don’t sell them make them sell one. I’m currently 13 (it’s Wednesday 6th march 2024) also make sure that you make people around you eco friendly and low eco footprint by having electric cars and make sure you also look at your water usage and don’t use to much and use grey water to water your plants because we will have loads of plants so that the planet doesn’t die. When your a billionaire also buy lots of land and plant loads of trees and make them protected, and do it in the rain forest so that people can’t cut down the trees. Also find a way to make eco energy. Also buy some land in Antarctica and make sure it doesn’t melt and have loads of polar bears and penguins to make sure nothing goes extinct. Also try and find a way to bring back dodos for Martha she asked.
See you soon

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