Rachael Halliday's Letter

To the descendants,

I am writing to ask your forgiveness for myself and those we voted into power. I understand that in my lifetime there is a climate emergency and that if we took bold action we would be able to slow it down, to enable the earth to heal. Instead of that, despite lobbying my MP to push for International Ecocide Law, working to increase biodiversity in my garden, local park and through conscious consumption and trying to spread the messages about what individuals can do it feels like we’re still sleepwalking over a precipice.
Please know that many of us are trying to get elected representatives and corporate industries to take responsibility and change the devastating practices.
It is my true hope that there will be people with courage, inspiration and who gain power who are able to make a difference so that the consequences of our actions will be healing as opposed to harmful.
Sending love to you and to Mother Earth.

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