Lisa Miller 's Letter

My Daughter Ava and Son Theo ,

To my darling children,
I want you to know I didn’t give up. I don’t know what the next 10 years will bring but I am not sitting back and doing nothing.
I’ve campaigned to stop glyphosate spraying in our area and have been successful. I’ve become vegetarian for the good of the climate and realised we can not continue on this cruel path with animals. I’ve studied the climate emergency and what I can do to help. I’ve insulated our home, turned our consumption right down, I don’t waste anything. I’ve always encouraged you to look at the natural world, really look at it and appreciate everything It has. I’ve taught you that we are part of a very precious eco system.
I’ve taught you that wealth in this world is good health and having a healthy planet.
We walk everywhere because it’s good for us and we don’t need to drive short journeys.
I set up plant swap and gardening for wildlife group to help boost biodiversity. I did this for you guys. I want you to see the moths, bats, butterflies, birds and all the wonders that great eco systems can inhabit. I want these to thrive so you can see them.
I am trying to become a local councillor next year all for you both. I’ve realised I can only drive change through standing up and teaching others what we know.
I hope I’m doing enough and will never stop my darling children. Xxxx

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