Jacqueline Stone's Letter

My 1st grandson (due in January 2023),

To my darling grandson, ( & your mummy & Daddy)
I am so sorry that this earth is in such a state.
The leaders in my lifetime had lots of opportunity to not be greedy & cut omissions to slow global warming, but they chose profit over the world & every living thing in it.
Your grandad & I visited Kenya in Africa in 1991 just before your mummy was born.
We visited again in 2007 with you mummy & Uncle Jack.
It was such a beautiful country with amazing people & wildlife.
There we saw, elephants, giraffe, rhinoceros, lions.
Believe me when I tell you how magnificent these Creatures were.
Unfortunately you won't be able to see them in their natural environment as they are now all extinct.
The people of Kenya are also no longer there either & climate change made the land uninhabitable for the people & the animals.
There used to be an amazing place, the Amazon Rainforest ( the lungs of the earth).
It was cut down by greedy logging companies, greedy supermarkets for cheap grazing for cattle for cheap meat, & for palm oil used in luxury items like cakes, (no home recipe calls for palm oil).
The wildlife there & the indigenous tribes who had lived in harmony with nature are also extinct.
There was an amazing naturalist called Sir David Attenborough & a young lady called Greta Thinburg who had been warning about the state of the planet for a long time & normal people in the UK & across the world have been trying to tell those in power that the world needs help but they were called hooligans & zealots.
Your Aunty Rosie & I went to Parliament in London in 2019 with lots of other people who understood the emergency, we were due to speak to our relative M.P. ( Labour's Gloria De,perio) but she didn't bother to turn up.
I just hope you, your mummy & Daddy, Uncle Jack & Aunty Rosie can be happy in the world that we have ruined for you all.
All my love to you all,
Nana Jackie.

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