Anne's Letter

To my great nieces and nephews ,

Forgive us for having left the natural world in a poor state. But I hope we have at least shown you what must change. It is possible to both have a good life AND look after nature. You just need to think! Don’t continue to waste energy and water. Don’t use throw away plastic. Do consider nature in all that you do. Do consider the climate seriously. Do get out into the natural world and take your enjoyment from it - dawn light on trees, birdsong, walking in beautiful countryside or your local park.

Do use your voice, be it local or National, to ensure policy makers consider nature and don’t take decisions that harm it.

I hope that by 2030 you have made progress on all these fronts. Also that we live in a more, not less, biodiverse world. And carbon emissions are reducing. And also that you will make similar pledges so you leave the natural world thriving and a source of pleasure and wealth for future generations. It’s not a choice between people and nature. We are all one.

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