Felicity's Letter

To future generations,

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you won't get to see and experience the Earth I know, with its beautiful diversity.

I'm sorry we didn't act in time, even though we have known for decades that we were causing global warming.

I'm sorry that corporate greed won over creating a fair and sustainable world.

I'm sorry that you have to live, or try to live in a world of climate extremes.

A lot of us tried to stop it, to get politicians to act to lead the changes needed to avert a climate catastrophe. We campaigned relentlessly, marched and protested, made all the changes we could to our individual lives but it wasn't enough. Governments and society didn't act fast enough.

Politicians are too corrupt, too interested in protecting their jobs and corporate donors to make the tough calls that are needed. So many companies, charities and NGOs are talking the talk, but very few are 'walking the walk' still putting annual growth and protecting membership before speaking up and leading change.

Its 2022, we have less than 8 years to act if we have any hope of keeping global warming below 2.5C and the current PM is approving new gas fields and wants to start fracking... :(

So again I'm sorry we failed. But I want you to know some of us, many of us tried, and we tried hard and still are fighting for this beautiful planet, even though we know we're losing.

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