Louise Lake's Letter

To my children Abigail and Reuben,

I am writing this in the hope that your future will be so much brighter than all the doom and gloom you see everywhere and the hope we all have for a greener future will be something that will come into full fruition.

I hope for a future where you will see animals being treated as sentient beings and not seen as products being bred and slaughtered in numbers we can't even begin to imagine. Animal farming, one of the biggest polluters on planet earth will no longer be. Factory farming a thing of the past, we will look back in utter horror and shame at the treatment of our fellow innocent beings but will learn from it. Animals are not here for us to exploit. Sadly, I don't see this happening in your lifetime, but you must continue to always speak for the voiceless.

I wish I could do more to make the people in power see all they are doing is wrong. Unfortunately, at present we have vilest worst people in power only out for their own very own gains.

Nature is so very important, and we all rely on it, as I tell you without it, we wouldn't even exist. It gives us so much and asks for very little in return. I wish I could make everyone aware of the sheer beauty of the natural world. To sit under a tree and appreciate the wonder of its existence, all it provides for free. To sit and listen and watch the birds, see the bees enjoying the beauty of the wildflower. Continue to tell people all about it. We must all learn to live alongside and adapt alongside nature and to see that absolutely everything has a vital part to play. I hope you see protection laws providing the most persecuted actually being protected, no more badger culls, no more smoke screen fox hunting an end to all blood sports, a ban actually meaning a ban. Planning laws that will end building on important natural habitats. Trees having protection orders actually protecting them, being more protected than the concrete jungles we see destroying everything. Brown field sites and empty properties being used to provide sustainable homes for the population.

Remember you have some power as individuals to make people who are not aware, aware of the importance of protecting our wildlife and treating all animals with the compassion they deserve.
I wish this sheer mess wasn't being left to the younger generation and beyond, but you are the future, and you can make the changes that will make the world a better place.
Remember Nature always wins
X x X

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