sarah 's Letter

To Sid Morrie and William my son and nephews ,

I hope that the world which you find yourselves living in today is a beautiful as the one I grew up in, although I fear it will be a very different place. Quite honestly, when I really think hard about what kind of future you and your children are going to have to deal with, it terrifies me.

I am so sorry that no one listened - we could have acted, we could have cut our emissions, we could have stopped being obsessed by constant economic growth. But those in power were only interested in short term gains and they didn't pay attention to the things that matter. Without a stable climate, without nature and biodiversity, without a healthy planet there can be no economic growth.

I wish they hadn't left it so late to act. Too little, too late. I hope that your world is not unbearable.

With much love

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