Russ Brady 's Letter

To my unborn grandchild ,

Dear Grandchild,

I'm writing this letter to apologise to you. Why? because I inherited a world which was richer and provided so much more opportunity than that afforded to my parents and my grandparents before them. However, with that opportunity came the responsibility, as custodians of the planet, to nurture our natural resources for the benefit of future generations. But in this regard we largely failed and instead placed the onus on your mother's generation, to pick up the pieces of the broken planet we'd largely created.

For years and years climate change was debated amongst my peers, many even challenged its existence and through all this wasted energy which took us nowhere, the reality was we were creating an even bigger problem for future generations to fix.

But despite the inadequacies of my generation, the good news is that your mum's generation was more enlightened and took the individual and collective action necessary to save our planet from irreversible and irrevocable damage. They innovated, they partnered, they adapted and they considered - they basically did every thing my generation didn't do - and thank God they did.

So please learn from you Mum and think of those that follow you - love Granddad

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